Instructions of Final Version Submission

Please prepare your camera-ready version and copyright form for the accepted research paper according to the following instructions.

1. Paper Preparation: The manuscript follows the standard IEEE camera-ready format (double column, 10-pt font). The maximum length of ICMC paper without over-length charge is TEN (10) pages. The authors are allowed to pay for up to TWO (2) additional pages at $100 per over-length page. The page fee should be paid along with the registration fee.

2. Submission Process: Authors should use the following URL link to:

  • Verify/convert paper using PDF eXpress
  • Submit paper's copyright
  • Submit final paper

Below is the link to the ICMC 2024 Author Submission Site.!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=33KrNgr6s4d6zuxtjD9JoX

  1. Create an account and then login to your account for submission.
  2. Click on “Paper Specifications” to check the page limits.
  3. Click on “Formatting Your Paper” and “Paper Validation” in the menu on the left of the page and check the paper format.
  4. Once your paper passes Paper Validation, click on “Next” in the menu on the right of the page. Please note the Paper ID has been given in the email titled “IEEE ICMC 2024 Camera-Ready Instructions (Deadline May 25, 2024)” to authors. You will walk through the process of submission screen by screen when uploading your paper.

3. Deadline: The deadline for submitting camera-ready and copyright form is May 25, 2024.

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